Plan Your Financial Picture

Did you know 42% of those with no planning (this includes the do-it-yourself group) feel their finances are out of control compared to 17% of those with comprehensive integrated planning?

We are surprised at how many prospective clients we meet on a daily basis that do not have a written financial plan. To help you plan your financial picture we will need to gather the following information: insurance and investment statements, corporate and personal financial statements, corporate and personal tax returns, loans, wills and your lifestyle spending. The Lifecycle Wealth Plan will compare your current plan and how we can make it better.

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these 5 questions, you have an opportunity to create more wealth today.

  • Do you have personal debt (student, home, cottage, divorce)?
  • Do you pay for your life, disability and critical illness insurance personally?
  • Do you pay Canada Pension?
  • Do you have RSP’s, TFSA, and RESP’s?
  • You do not have a financial plan?

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