Our Difference

‘After more than 100 seminars across Canada since Dentists were allowed to incorporate in Ontario, we have gathered considerable insight you may find helpful!’

We specialize with over 150 Dental and Medical Professional clients and understand what Insurance and Investments are the best fit for you. We make it easy and cost free to proactively plan your life no matter what stage you are at in your life. It’s never too early or late to plan the rest of your life. We will sit down with you and help assess your situation and build a comprehensive financial Lifecycle Wealth plan.

We have experience with dentists or medical professionals throughout all stages of their career:

  • New graduate
  • Associate
  • Owner of a business
  • Transitioning into retirement
  • Retiree

We help dentists or medical professionals who own a practice, maximize the use of their company to create more wealth and take advantage of the preferred rates of tax that business owners have access to. We use insurance and investments to extract cash from the business at little or no additional tax to help the business owner fund their lifestyle needs in the most advantageous way.

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