Should I have term or permanent insurance?
The real question to consider is would you like to rent or own your insurance? If you can afford permanent insurance, it makes sense to go that route and ‘own’ your policy versus term insurance which is ‘renting’ the policy from the insurance company.

At what age should I buy insurance?
An important factor to consider is if you plan to leave an estate? Insurance is a tax effective way to leave a legacy and the sooner you start the better, since the younger you are the lower your premium will be.

What if income tax rates go up?
Your Lifecycle Wealth Plan is designed to optimize tax. Currently, corporate income taxes for business and investment income are at a 40 year low. The Lifecycle Wealth plan seeks to take advantage of these low rates of tax. The sooner you take advantage of this opportunity the more wealth you will create.

What is tax rules change?
Sometimes existing tax changes are grandfathered so that there is no impact on your plan. Other times the tax savings are eliminated. The Lifecycle Wealth Plan uses center of the road tax planning ideas to minimize the risk of tax rule changes.

If my annual income is below $150,000 can you still help me with my financial plan, insurance and investments?
Yes, we can help individuals who earn any amount of income.

Is there a minimum investment amount that I need to make?
No, there is no minimum investment needed to open up a Mandeville account.

Is there a fee to redeem my investments at any point in time?
No, we no longer charge our clients Deferred Sales Charges on non-registered accounts. 

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