Client Stories

Dr. Kareem Kadri, General Practice Dentist, Windsor, Ontario

"As a recent graduate and new business owner, I was concerned that the Liberal Tax changes to stop dividend sprinkling and the double taxation of passive assets, would affect my lifestyle, funding college for my children and retirement. Thanks to my Lifecycle Wealth Roadmap, I have re-routed my life’s journey with some minor adjustments to my game plan. I sleep easier knowing my way forward and that I am financially secure and appreciate the proactive advice my family has received from the Lifecycle Wealth Team."

Dr. Hisham Kaloti, Cosmetic Dentistry, Oakville, Ontario

"When we moved back to Canada from the States, we had no clue how different the financial and tax systems were! Tim and Laura walked us through the system. After much handholding and little baby steps they made this the smoothest transition for us. White glove service all the way, can't thank them enough!"

Dr. Gerry Ross, General Practice Dentist, Tottenham, Ontario

"I have used Lifecycle Wealth in providing for a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. In seeing their program, I only regret that I did not know these principles earlier in my career, as it would have saved paying a lot of extra money to Revenue Canada. I would highly recommend Lifecycle Wealth to dentists at all stages of their careers."

Dr. Sumner Ling, Orthodontist, Brantford, Ontario

"I have known Tim for over 20 years and have enjoyed the benefit of his advice. My son has now joined our partnership, and we are in our new office. In one year, with the help of the Lifecycle Wealth team, we built a new office and admitted a new partner with the comfort that our profitability is intact and our after tax earnings is maximized. I now approach retirement, with the knowledge my gameplan is under control and I can leave the profession on my terms and on my time line with the confidence we all dream to achieve after 30 plus years."

Dr. Andrew Meikle, Chief Dental Officer and Co-Founder of Dental Corp Of Canada, Toronto, Ontario

"Lifecycle Wealth has helped me make more by focusing my efforts on my dental offices and investing in dentistry. Since I make more it is important to pay less tax. They have showed me how to structure my business to keep 85% of my earnings now and in retirement. The increase in my wealth from making more and paying less tax means I can simplify my investments. They have a safe simple and secure investment road map, that combines nicely with my overall objectives and lets me sleep at night as all my profits and future profits will be invested in low risk guaranteed investments."

Dr. Pablo Kimos, Orthodontist, Toronto, Ontario

"The Lifecycle Wealth team including Gerard, Tim and Laura visited our schools over the past few years to teach us important business information. Coming to Toronto, I called Laura who set me up with Gerard. Together we created an associate agreement on fair terms. They were able to provide invaluable professional advice and support through this process. Laura has set up my insurance benefits. In Tim, I have an advisor whose judgement I can rely on and whose business experience on transudations I can use over my whole career. I will soon incorporate as an associate and look forward to the future of making more, paying less tax and creating my tax free pension with Laura and Tim."

Dr. Robert Perkins, Orthodontist, London, Ontario

"I was frustrated that I had all this money in the company and could not access it without paying a lot of tax. Tim’s business experience helped me focus my practice and make the necessary changes. Tim and Laura have shown me how to pay off my cottage, house and boat all in a tax efficient manner, in a short period of time. I wish I would have met them sooner. I was also tired of losing money on my investments and Laura showed me a life plan to minimize my risk. My investment roadmap allows me to reduce my tax on investments, so all I need to achieve is 5% to live my current lifestyle in retirement. My worry is gone. I can now focus on growing my dental practices and spending time with family and friends. The Lifecycle Wealth Team care about me and my life unlike other financial advisors who just want to sell you products, whether you need it or not. They helped me with human resources, marketing, legal, accounting and reorganization of my company. Tim and Laura are specialists with dentists and get things done cost effectively."

Dr. John Doucet, Retired Orthodontist, Niagara Falls, Ontario

"This team of professionals has figured out how to use a multi-corporate structure to significantly lower my taxes, both while I practice and when I retire. Perhaps it can work for you? Furthermore, I must mention that the team of Tim, Laura and Gerard has been instrumental over the past six years in planning my five year practice transition which in now coming to a close. What is comforting is the fact that I can now retire and maintain my existing lifestyle that we all have worked so hard to achieve. Do not give up this opportunity; you will be impressed."

Dr. R. Bruce McFarlane, Orthodontist, Winnipeg, Manitoba

"I have been working with Tim Leonard and Laura Fitzsimons of Lifecycle Wealth and they have got me on an excellent track toward financial freedom. They fully understand the special needs of a busy professional; including the things we don’t like to think about that much: taxes, insurance, investments, estate planning, etc. I highly recommend this group to professionals who want to make the most of their time at work: but also have the time, energy, and money to balance the rest of their lives."

Dr. Paul D’Aoust, Periodontist, Kingston, Ontario

"I felt confused working with my existing lawyer, accountant and investment advisor as they were all on slightly different pages. During my search for one advisor, I answered one of Laura’s direct mail letters about Lifecycle Planning. Their lifecycle structures and investment road map simplified my life. This group of people gave me a plan that lets me focus on my practice and spend more time with my family, (we took four vacations this past year). I am a specialist and working with specialists has made my life easier. My process started with Lifecycle Wealth (Laura and Tim) looking at my situation and developing a program to implement over two years. I checked out their references. Although they offered to work with my lawyer and accountant, I chose to work with this team because they understand dentists business and related issues, such as time management and transition plans. They spent the time with me until I understood my comprehensive integrated Lifecycle Wealth Plan. This makes it easy to sleep at night and enjoy my practice and family life."

Dr. Luis Piedade, Orthodontist, Waterloo, Ontario

"Tim and Laura have assembled a group of people to help us transition, including legal, consulting and accounting, who work together to lighten our load when we start up. In addition, they have given us a life plan that minimizes our taxes throughout life making it possible to spend our money at all phases of our life."

Dr. Mark Knoefel, Orthodontist, Edmonton, Ontario

"For years, I have been trying to develop a tax-efficient financial plan. Unfortunately, the various professionals I had dealt with so far were not able to help me achieve this goal, since they were acting independently of each other. The principal benefit of working with Lifecycle Wealth is that you are hiring a specialized team. Thus, you get all the expertise you need in accounting, financial planning, and corporate law to put together a highly-structured framework that will not only help you minimize tax during your working years, but ensure that you maintain your lifestyle in retirement."

Dr. Jim Kivinen, Upper Gage Dental Centre, Hamilton, Ontario

"Laura and Tim could easily be considered retirement specialists to the dental profession. Their innovative yet simple techniques have shown me how to construct an investment portfolio that previously I hadn’t believed was possible. Not only are my investments now less volatile than in the past but they are also extremely tax efficient. They can grow with little tax and they can be accessed with little tax. My Lifecycle Game Plan will serve me well for the rest of my life. I would encourage all of my friends and colleges to attend one of their seminars."

Kevin & Dianne Ambrose, Control Technologies Inc., Kitchener, Ontario

"We have dealt with Tim and Laura since the inception of our company more than 20 years ago. With their Lifecycle Game Plan we have a plan that allows for tax efficient income both today and in retirement while at the same time minimizes risks. Tim and Laura’s thorough knowledge of tax laws and the various investment/insurance products available today have given us a customized financial plan that enhances our lifestyle. We now have a plan that is clear, understandable and that encompasses our needs, and those of our family for the future. We couldn’t have achieved any of this without them!"

Mallory Abraham, Officer at St. Joseph’s Health Care, London, Ontario

"Finding a life insurance policy to suit your needs as well as the needs of your family can be daunting. Working with Kaylin & Laura Fitzsimons at Lifecycle Wealth made the process so easy. Now I have peace of mind knowing that my family will be taken care of no matter what. The staff at Lifecycle Wealth are knowledgeable, professional and customer service oriented. I could not ask for a better experience and I look forward to working with Laura and Kaylin in the future to simplify my finances and make my retirement dreams a reality."


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