“The Wealthy Invest Differently” – Michael Lee-Chin

Since your company often has a high return on which you pay a low rate of tax, you already have a beneficial private investment. We help our clients develop an investment framework that compliments their primary investment which is their business.

Recent changes in the increase of the annual limits of Tax Free Savings Account’s along with the reduction in the amount you must draw from your Registered Retirement Savings Plans concluded that business owners need to reevaluate their investment strategies within these tax shelters. We have developed a lifetime impact comparison which can be used to demonstrate which tax shelters are most effective for you in the long run. 

We focus on the following tax efficient investments to help manage and lower your taxes:

  • Dividend funds
  • Interest income funds
  • Variable annuities
  • High quality public and private investments

The net result of paying less corporate and personal tax is to create more wealth in your company. Our objective is to help our clients lower their taxes through investment income. Some of these concepts are not well understood and there is an opportunity to create more wealth from our valuable advice.

Mandeville Private Client Inc. seeks to align client portfolios to resemble those of the wealthiest people in the world who have an equal asset allocation between public and private investments. Mandeville gives us access to a wider variety of mutual funds and an array of exempt market products. As representatives of Mandeville, we have access to exclusive private and alternative funds managed by Portland Investment Counsel, headquartered in Burlington, Ontario. Both, Mandeville Private Client Inc. and Portland Investment Counsel are led by Michael Lee-Chin.

For more details:

Mandeville Private Client Inc.
Portland Investment Counsel

We follow the 5 laws of investing that Michael Lee - Chin has taught us which are:

  • Own a few high quality public & private businesses
  • Thoroughly understand those businesses
  • Invest in businesses in strong long-term growth industries
  • Use other people’s money prudently
  • Hold businesses for the long-run

The world’s most successful institutions and high net worth investors have been following these laws for generations and have achieved a unique asset mix leading to above average rates of return.

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