What would happen to you or your company if you suddenly because seriously ill?
Could it survive without you for the next six months?

As a business owner your health and especially mobility is your biggest asset. Since you can own a company, and pay a lower rate of tax, we believe it makes sense to use some of those tax savings to adequately fund your insurance.

Life expectancy is on the rise. There are a number of unexpected life events that can interrupt your financial plan. Our unique approach is that we view Disability and Critical Illness Insurance as ‘ME Insurance’.  This protection is for your direct benefit therefore, we structure these ‘ME insurance’ coverages to give you protection or your money back. In addition, under certain circumstances this protection can represent a cash extraction tool, to liberate money from your company at preferred rates of tax.

Life Insurance - Life Insurance helps you gain peace of mind when the inevitable occurs. It is very important to have the right amount of protection along with the right insurance plan (Universal Life, Whole Life or Term), which we help determine what the best fit is for you.

Our unique approach to Life Insurance is that we view it as a multipurpose asset therefore, it’s of more value rather than a lump sum or money at death. Life Insurance is purchased for the following needs:

  • Income and Asset Protection
  • Family Protection
  • Business Continuity
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Business Loan Protection
  • Estate Legacy Preservation
  • Tax sheltering for investment income
  • Tax free extraction of corporate deferred income tax

Therefore, Life Insurance can cover many different aspects for a business owner resulting in its value to be priceless.   

Disability Insurance - Many overlook the need for disability insurance because they do not realize the likelihood of becoming disabled throughout their career is quite high. We show our clients the importance of disability insurance and complete a needs analysis to determine the amount needed if they were not able to work for an extended period of time.  

Critical Illness Insurance - Many individuals who develop a critical or serious illness usually survive due to our innovative modern day medicine. As an owner of a business, you don’t want the burden of significant and unexpected costs. We structure your critical illness to provide you with protection and an asset to your company.  

Long Term Care Insurance - In our lifetime, almost half of all Canadians will require long term care either in their own home or in a facility due to the increase of life expectancy. Long Term Care Insurance provides the necessary funds when you are no longer independently able to physically or mentally care for yourself. This is the perfect solution to protect your family’s assets and provide the funds to obtain care you need and deserve at any stage in life.

Ask us about our no medical, simplified and easy to obtain long term care insurance program with Blue Cross. For more information, watch this important video

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