When considering the invaluable role they play in our society many would argue doctors pay too much in taxes. Yet fair or not the tax burden on doctors persists and must be factored into any responsible financial plan by any responsible tax advisor for doctors. Although taxes are not going away anytime soon the fact is most doctors are regularly overpaying both personal and corporate tax. We can identify where this overpayment is being generated and initiate remedies that will improve the quality of your life today and your children’s lives tomorrow.  

Lifecycle Wealth Tax Advisors for Doctors  

With over 150 health professional clients in the Toronto area we understand the tax burden doctors are expected to bear and have devised innovative ways to mitigate that burden. We can identify inefficiency in your current financial plan and initiate solutions that lower your tax liability and create wealth. Regardless of whether you are a recent med school graduate or newly retired our tax advisors for doctors can find unrealized potential in your current financial plan and set you on the path to greater wealth creation.  

Your business is your primary investment. We can show you how to reduce your business tax within a larger investment framework that includes other tax efficient investments such as:  

  • Dividend funds to provide cash on a regular basis
  • Interest income funds that provide interest payments or dividends
  • Variable annuities to secure long-term retirement income
  • And a variety of private and public investment vehicles

  The goal is twofold: 1) to provide you with the liquidity you need now to underwrite your lifestyle and 2) to ensure you ease into retirement without skipping a financial beat. Along the way additional tax savings will be repurposed to create wealth as well.  

The tax code is an ever changing entity with modern tax codes being some of the most complex documents ever written. To stay ahead of the changes and make the vagaries of the tax code work in your favor you need a tax advisor for doctors with knowledge and experience. But more than that, you need a tax advisor that understands how to use financial instruments like life insurance to help reduce your tax exposure and generate more wealth. And one whose financial plan for you extends beyond the borders of tax reduction to include:  

  • Investment consulting and management
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Comprehensive estate planning services
  • Philanthropic and charitable activity

Our Lifecycle Wealth Plan is built on a belief ( you are paying more tax than is necessary and these unnecessary tax donations are stifling wealth creation) and designed with a long term goal firmly in mind ( to lower your tax burden and unlock pent up wealth). Our tax advisors for doctors work tirelessly so that our select client base can realize their dreams and start enjoying the ‘art of living well’. Let us demonstrate how we can double your current wealth by simply applying a more holistic methodology to your finances. Call us at 1-800-300-3056 and start building greater wealth today.


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