insurance advisor torontoInsurance Advisors help you select insurance products to empower your lifestyle. The vast majority of insurance advisors are honest, trustworthy professionals who have nothing but the best interest of their customers at heart. However, like any profession there are a certain number of advisors around who bear closer scrutiny and for this reason it’s important that you always read the fine print of any policy before you sign on the dotted line. 

Don’t Trust Just Any Insurance Advisor in Toronto 

In recent years new industry regulations have been adopted in an attempt to force unscrupulous Insurance Advisors in Toronto to issue policies that live up to promises made during the sales pitch. Still you’ll want to take plenty of time before signing to go through all of the fine print. Here’s why:  

Marketing is Marketing - Marketing, whether it’s for weight loss products or insurance, is intended to pique your interest so that you’ll fork over your hard earned money. Oftentimes marketing brochures will omit certain facts in order to make a product seem more appealing. The insurance industry is not immune to this marketing tactic in that the fine print in the actual policy may negate many of the fluffy promises made in the colourful brochure. 

Fine Print Can Help You Expedite Claims - Understanding the fine print will help ensure there are no surprises in the claims process. Making an insurance claim is difficult and time consuming enough without having to do things over or find paperwork you didn’t know you were going to need. If you are familiar with all the terms and conditions laid out in the fine print the claims process should proceed expeditiously. 

Fine Print Will Help You Determine if Something is Actually a Deal - Some Insurance Advisors in Toronto will offer policies from different companies that seem similar yet one is significantly less expensive than the other. A thorough reading of the fine print will often reveal that, while the policies are the same in a general sense, the cheaper policy may hold you to a much higher level of proof. So high in fact it may be nearly impossible to attain.  

Exclusions - When it comes to life insurance policies there are bound to be exclusions attached; that is, things that give the insurance company the right not to pay out. Some common exclusions include, suicide, death during ‘hazardous’ activities and one that’s come to the fore since September 11, 2001: ‘acts of war’. The list of exclusions can be extensive and it’s almost always tucked away in the fine print.  

While you should always read the fine print on any policy recommended by an Insurance Advisor the best way to ensure that there will be no surprises waiting for you there is to work with an I nsurance Advisor in Toronto with a peerless reputation, like Lifecycle Wealth. Call us today to find out how our holistic approach to your finances will help you lower your tax burden and transform your current insurance products from costs into assets.  


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