You spend your life caring for your patients but who is caring for your financial well-being? Even highly trained medical professionals need someone in their corner providing sound advice, keeping a watchful eye. Insurance advisors for doctors are tasked with doing just that and it’s a job those of us at Lifecycle Wealth Toronto take to heart. We understand the demands on your time as well as your need to have a clear financial plan going forward. One that makes the most of your potential and rewards your hard work. At Lifecycle Wealth we’re...  

  • Always here to respond to your needs 24/7
  • Committed to your long term financial success
  • Driven by our desire to see you embrace “the art of living”
  • Proud to offer sound insurance advice based on our innovative wealth creation methods
  • Closely involved with hundreds of health professionals who count on us to be unbiased insurance advisors for doctors and dentists

  Our Role as Insurance Advisors for Doctors   Our Lifecycle Wealth Plan is built around the premise that you pay too much in tax; money that should and could be redirected toward wealth creation. When we advise that you purchase a particular type of insurance it’s because we see it as dovetailing with the overall goal of reducing your tax burden and freeing up capital to underpin your lifestyle and create wealth. Insurance is not simply “coverage” to us, it's an invaluable asset we’ll use to help you double your wealth. Our insurance advisors for doctors will:  

  • Show you how you can reduce your tax load
  • Demonstrate how the right insurance products can help
  • Help you devise long term goals and realize your aspirations
  • Conduct yearly assessments of your Lifecycle Wealth plan
  • Adjust the focus of your plan as circumstances require
  • Advocate for you should you ever need to process a claim

While certain aspects of life can be anticipated life as a whole is, unfortunately, stubbornly unpredictable. One moment everything’s fine, the next moment change imposes itself. The right form of life insurance is not only a common sense element of any financial plan, if properly administered it can also be a valuable tool for wealth creation. Our advisors will show you how the right life insurance policy can do all of the following:

  • Protect your family’s financial interests
  • Ensure continuity of your business interests
  • Provide a tax shelter for your investment income
  • Act as a tool to extract capital from your business at preferential rates

The last two items are key to our method of generating wealth by leveraging latent financial potential, with life insurance being just one aspect of our holistic view of your financial picture.   “Who cares for the doctors?” is a question that has resonated down through the ages and one which is more relevant than ever in today’s world where change at every level of society is occurring at breakneck speed. In our role as an insurance advisor to doctors we can provide at least a partial answer to that question: “We do.” Call us today at 1-800-300-3056 and find out how our wealth creation methods can benefit you.


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