Insurance Advisor for Dentists in Toronto

insurance advosor for dentistsStarting your own practice is one of the most exciting times in a dentist’s life. The road ahead is long and full of potential and one thing is certain: any fundamental mistakes you make in your business’ financial plan will become magnified as time goes by. What you need when you are starting out is advice. Solid, practical, dependable financial advice. Especially when it comes to insurance. At Lifecycle Wealth we take our role as an insurance advisor for dentists seriously and work within our existing wealth creation structure to make sure you’re covered from every possible angle.

Lifecycle Wealth The Right Insurance Advisor for Dentists

There are many kinds of insurance you’ll need as you get your practice up and running. All or most of them should play a role in helping you create wealth lest they simply be expenses rather than assets. The type of insurance we’ll advise you to purchase will dovetail with our overall plan to lower your tax burden and generate new wealth. For instance:

  • Critical Illness or Disability Insurance - What would happen to your practice if by some unfortunate chance you became critically ill? By extension what fate would befall your loved ones if critical illness or disability were to suddenly strike you? Any insurance advisor for dentists will tell you this type of insurance is a crucial component of any comprehensive plan to cover your practice, and it is. But we make sure it’s more than that by viewing it as ME Insurance, which provides tax-related options you would otherwise miss.
  • Life Insurance - No one wants to think about life insurance, especially if you’re just getting started with your practice and your entire working life lies ahead of you. However, the unpredictable nature of life makes it imperative. To us, life insurance is more than a monthly expense leading to a payout you’ll never see; it’s an asset that helps generate wealth.
  • Long Term Care Insurance - Due to increases in life expectancy nearly 50% of Canadians will at some point require long term care. Long term care insurance is a critical element in ensuring your lifetime of hard work will not be devoured by late-in-life health related expenses.

The Importance of the Right Insurance Advisor

Research shows that 1 out of 4 dentists will, at some point during their professional life, become disabled for a long enough period to potentially receive benefits. If you had a 25% chance of winning a million dollars you’d think your odds were pretty good wouldn’t you? The point is that the need for comprehensive coverage for dentists is real which means the importance of engaging a qualified insurance advisor for dentists is just as real.

As dedicated insurance advisors for dentists Lifecycle Wealth Toronto will not only advise you on the right insurance policies to have but demonstrate how you can use different insurance policies to help generate wealth. Our sound advice and innovative holistic approach to your total financial picture will have you on the road to a more prosperous, secure and exciting future in no time. Call us today: 1-800-300-3056



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