Insurance Advisor for Construction

The construction industry is one fraught with risk. Every aspect of the business from the operation of vehicles and heavy machinery to the storage of potentially dangerous materials to construction sites strewn with safety hazards contains the seeds of potential liability claims. During the normal course of conducting business every person must maintain constant situational awareness to avoid injury or worse. Yes, construction is risky business indeed which means the owner of a construction company must have eyes in the back of their head in order to keep costly liability claims at bay.

The Importance of our Experienced Insurance Advisors for Construction

Because of the risks there is perhaps no other industry where insurance is such a key component of a business plan so making the most of the insurance products you choose is crucial. At Lifecycle Wealth however, our goal is more than just making your business more attractive to the insurance industry. We find wealth creation opportunities in your insurance products and advise you on ways you can utilize them to maximum effect. Our advisors:

  • Work closely with you to create a risk management strategy
  • Select what we feel are the insurance products that will best fit that strategy
  • Advise you on ways to increase safety, limit losses and increase revenue
  • Generate wealth creation opportunities through innovative administration of your insurance products

You are, first and foremost, concerned with the long-term success of your construction business and all of our efforts are designed to facilitate that end. But where another insurance advisor for construction may see limiting liability claims as their only duty, we see our job as being more than simply keeping you out of court. Our Lifecycle Wealth plan will help facilitate the smooth operation of your business while simultaneously simplifying your financial affairs and increasing your ability to glean wealth from your enterprise via lower taxes.

Our insurance advisors for construction start at the end and then visualize the steps that will be necessary to achieve that goal. This holistic approach to financial planning allows us to better anticipate your insurance needs and devise effective ways to integrate them into your overall wealth creation strategy. The Lifecycle Wealth advantage will enable you to:

  • Create a markedly smaller overall tax profile
  • Turn your insurance coverage into a valuable asset
  • Create a simpler more effective long term financial plan
  • Utilize certain insurance products as extraction tools for cash
  • Create a Lifecycle Wealth Plan based on all these principals and more

Once our insurance advisor for construction demonstrates the value of our approach when compared to a conventional financial plan you’ll see beyond a doubt the time, trouble and money we can save you. We’ll then show you how we can put those savings to work in the service of wealth creation. No other insurance advisor for construction offers such an innovative yet grounded overall strategy for optimizing the wealth creation potential of your business as the professionals at Lifecycle Wealth Toronto. Call us today and find out how our progressive approach can double your wealth.


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