dental financial advisorMany dentists become aware over time that their financial advisor is falling short when it comes to delivering all but the most basic results. Most however, either don’t have the time to do anything about it or know where to start. After all, aren’t all dental financial advisors the same? Fortunately the answer to that question is “no.” Many financial advisors hope to lose you in a sea of jargon about prioritizing objects and gathering data. At Lifecycle Wealth Toronto we’ll lay it on the line for you at the start - you pay too much in taxes - and go from there.

The Only Dental Financial Advisor You’ll Ever Need

As a business owner you have access to preferred tax rates others simply don’t. At Lifecycle Wealth we refocus your financial plan to take advantage of this situation, then offer timely advice when it comes to appropriate investments and insurance. Our Lifecycle Wealth Plan is individually tailored to accommodate and fund your lifestyle while simultaneously laying the groundwork for greater levels of future wealth creation than your current plan. Our advisors will show you how to: 

  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce your personal tax exposure
  • Find appropriate passive investments to lower your corporate tax liability
  • Fund your current lifestyle and future wealth creation via savings from your reduced tax load

Our proactive approach doesn’t rely on waiting to see which way the market winds blow. We believe that paying too much personal and business tax is the number 1 factor holding dentists back from realizing their wealth creation potential. Our dental financial advisors will compare your current financial plan with our Lifecycle Wealth Plan to demonstrate the difference our holistic approach to lifetime wealth creation can make. You’ll enjoy:  

  • Reduced Tax Liability - Income tax can sap your wealth creation potential dry if not managed properly. We’ll advise you on simple, clear ways to replace taxable income with non-taxable or tax free income and then refocus the savings to increase your net worth by up to 100%.
  • A Fully Financed Lifestyle – Savings we generate from realigning your tax profile can be put toward what we call the “art of living well.” Enjoy every aspect of your lifestyle with confidence and rest comfortably knowing your future and that of your family is secure.
  • A More Efficient Business - Our advisors will demonstrate how to jump start your business as an engine of wealth creation instead of simply a place where you meet and treat patients. 

Wealth Creation and Tax Strategy

The simple fact is that dentists who set up financial plans when they were first establishing their practice more often than not wind up paying unnecessary amounts of both personal and corporate tax in the long run. As a dedicated dental financial advisor we identify areas of waste and inefficiency and put you on a road to greater wealth creation. Call us today to find out what we can do for you and put a real dental financial advisor to work on your future.


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