Do You Have Solutions For The Tax On Split Income (TOSI)?
Do You Have Solutions For The Tax On Passive Income (TOPI)?

Business Owners are looking to their professionals and advisors for solutions this fall to these above two problems.
We help Business Owners with unique insurance and investment programs that reduces their tax burden. 

Business Owners who have children in or near University age and have passive income have lost sprinkling dividends to their children. They will be subject to the claw back of the small business deduction commencing, January 1, 2019. Younger business owners have time to plan to avoid some of the impact of these two wealth reduction programs. 


1. Tax on Split Income (TOSI) Solutions 

  • To fund University in the future
  • For the past number of years, we have shown clients how to use insurance policies to either protect their business or receive 100% of the premiums refunded. These refunds can be organized to fund University costs in a tax efficient manner.

2. Tax on Split Income (TOSI) Solutions

  • To fund University now
  • In addition to various non-arms's length sales to generate Capital Dividend Account (CDA), we have seen how corporate flow-through shares can be used to create immediate CDA. It is a unique application for successful business owners who need to fund college in the next 10 years.

3. Tax on Passive Income (TOPI) Solutions

  • Avoid the claw back
  • Here are some options that will help Business Owners minimize their taxable passive income:
    • pay down corporate debt
    • purchase individual insurance
    • purchase growth stocks
    • purchase corporate class funds
    • flow-through shares 
    • purchase business assets including land and buildings for active operations

Some are finding the tax solutions to TOSI and TOPI complex, costly and with varying degrees of risk.
The above ideas are simple, have minimal risk and are low-cost solutions. 

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