Disability Coverage
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Did you know?

  • 23% of today's healthy 35 year-olds will become disabled for 3 months or longer during their working career. 38% of them will see their disability lasted for 5 years or more.*
  • 95% of disabling accidents and illnesses are not work related, so they are not covered by Workers' Compensation.*
  • 2.6 years is the average time period for an individual disability claim. The Top 5 causes of long term disability claims are Other, Muscle/bone disorders, Cancer, Accidents, Mental Disorders and Cardiovascular.*

*Source: Council for Disability Awareness

Protect yourself and those you love with Blue Cross.
Some special features and options include:

  • Return of Premium at age 65
  • Automatic benefit increase option
  • An additional lump sum payment of up to $100,000 in the event of a permanent disability due to accident
  • Blue Cross Assistance Program - free access to health and legal assistance along with support and services for your family  
  • A large selection of optional health and accident benefits that can be added to your policy
  • PLUS...... we have a unique Hybrid Critical Illness product that transitions to Long-term Care coverage at age 65.

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Exclusive Offer for Dental Hygenists


We have worked with Dentists and Specialists for the past few decades. Through our experience working with Hygienists we have found that they do not have the proper insurance protection. We are here to educate everyone on their options for insurance protection and to provide a free second opinion. Blue Cross offers Dental Hygenists a favourable occupation class rating unlike any other insurance company as well as recieving a premium refund at age 65.


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