Critical Illness Insurance

We face many risks in our lifetime - contracting a critical illness is one of them. Chances are you know someone that has had cancer, or suffered a stroke or heart attack. Being diagnosed with a life threatening illness is not something one wants to contemplate however you can purchase critical illness insurance to protect against the financial impact of expenses involved with an illness.

Developing a critical illness can be a reality..

  • Almost half of Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime
  • Half of cancer drugs are not covered by the publicly funded health system
  • 70,000 heart attacks occur each year that send Canadians to emergency rooms across the country

The physical, emotional and financial impact to an individual, their company and their family can be devastating. Great news is that with advances in technology and medicine, many recover and continue to lead healthy and productive lives.

Critical illness insurance pays a lump sum benefit, should you be diagnosed with one of the covered conditions of the contract and survive the waiting period. This cash flow can be used at your own discretion. These plans provide flexibility, most importantly, allowing you to focus on your health without being concerned about your finances. 

Critical illness insurance in Canada allows you to have the critical illness protection but also the ability to receive 100% of your money back if you do not make a claim. This unique feature is only available in Canada.

Out-of-pocket costs may include:

  • Increased medical expenses and advanced medication (not covered by government or employee health plans) 
  • Travel to another city or country for specialized care
  • Expenses related to child care or hospital visits
  • Covering losses of income for yourself and caregiver
  • Spouses income loss as it may require them to take time off to care for you
  • If you own a business, costs related for it to continue while you get better

It is important to educate yourself on the realities of suffering from a critical illness and how it can affect you, your family and your business. Let us help you prepare for this and to decrease the financial burden associated with suffering from a critical illness. 
Focus more on what really matters in life and worry less about your finances. 

Contact us for a complimentary and confidential discovery call to learn more about critical illness insurance and see if you qualify!  



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